Terms and Conditions

Rental Terms & Conditions

These are the terms and conditions which govern your stay at the property on the dates booked. Please take the time to familiarise yourselves with these:

1.     Bookings and Reservations

1.1       Your reservation is now confirmed for the address and dates indicated on your Booking Statement, Status: Confirmed. Please take note of your reservation number which you are kindly requested to use in any correspondence with us.

1.2       When you arrive (or in advance) you will be required to provide identification information (and appropriate original documentation) including, but not limited to, your name, address, contact telephone number and email address. These must correspond to the details you provided in the booking request.

1.3       Payment details will be required for all reservations.  Payment will normally be taken in advance for the duration of the stay.

1.4       This booking now constitutes a legally binding contract between the Property Owner (whose agent we are) and yourself.

1.5       Reservations may not normally be changed however we will use all reasonable endeavours to accommodate any changes requested but give no guarantee that all changes will be accommodated. In any event any change will incur an additional fee which will be notified at the time

1.6       You may request additional nights at the Property at any time during your stay.  We will use all reasonable endeavours to accommodate such requests. Additional nights will only be confirmed on receipt by us of payment in full for the same.

2.     Fees and Payment

2.1       The Rates applicable to your booking are listed in your Booking Statement, Status: Confirmed. Where it is applicable, this Rate is inclusive of VAT (Value Added Tax – currently 20%). The Rate is payable in Sterling (British Pounds). In the event that VAT changes we reserve the right to vary the Rate to take this into account.

2.2       Rates and prices quoted when making reservations apply only to accommodation unless otherwise stated.  Additional charges may apply for items including, but not limited to, interim cleaning service, parking, and illegal downloading charges in relation to wireless internet access. (as defined by the internet service provider). You will be informed of the prices payable for such additional items upon request.

2.3       You are required to pay a non-refundable Service Charge to us equal to 35% of the accommodation rate; this fee is exclusive of VAT. Please note that this sum is not in addition to the price quoted in the [Title of Document which is Booking Confirmation] but merely a part thereof.

Payment for all accommodation costs are payable in full in advance. If you use any optional service or extras provided by others these are not included in the accommodation costs and you shall pay all other sums at the time at which the options and extras are ordered or as otherwise agreed with the provider of the same.

2.4       You are required to provide a security deposit by way of a credit card authorisation in the amount specified in your Booking Statement, Status: Confirmed  before check-in and in every case no later than the time of arrival at the Property which authorisation is held as security against damages and usage.

2.5        Should there be damages to the property, which outweigh the cost of the deposit taken above, we reserve the right to further charge the credit card taken at time of payment.

2.6       Any Service Charge taken at the time of reservation is non-refundable.

We only accept payment by credit or debit card, or by a same day transfer of funds where the funds are cleared to be available in our account the same working day. We do not accept cash or cheques or any other method of payment.

2.7       Damages and Deposit .

In case of any damages to the property caused by the guest, we reserve the right to collect the cost of damages from the security deposit taken at the point of booking. The cost of damages will be determined based on documentation provided by the checkout team. 

If the cost of damages is higher that the deposit already held by us, we reserve the right to collect further payment from you using the payment details we have on file.


3.     Cancellations

3.1       If you wish to cancel or extend your length of stay you have to give us written notice as provided for in these terms and conditions. Such notice is only valid if given in accordance with these terms and conditions and you request and receive from us a “read receipt”. Please note that we do not accept any shortening of length of stay. In any case of a request for an extension of stay this is effective if we expressly confirm availability of the same by response to you. A read receipt is merely an acknowledgement of receipt and not an agreement to extend.

3.2       Orders may be cancelled by you prior to confirmation. Once your booking has been accepted and confirmed by us you will be charged the non-refundable Service Charge. Cancellations for which notice is received less than 30 full days prior to the Arrival Date will incur 100% cancellation fee of the entire accommodation costs.

If we have received full payment from you more than 30 days before your Arrival Date and you cancel more than 30 days before the Arrival Date, you will be refunded 50% of the Accommodation Rate. Any refund due to you will normally be made by using the same method and to the same account originally used by you to pay for the purchase.

3.3       Failure to provide the required notice of cancellation shall result in you being charged as set out above.  Any such payment shall be taken immediately using the payment details provided by you when making your reservation.

3.4       We may, from time to time, cancel a reservation.  In the event of such cancellation or any alteration which we find becomes necessary, you shall be informed immediately and shall be offered alternative accommodation of the same stand

3.5     We reserve the right at any point during your stay to cancel your booking without a refund and ask you you to vacate the property should you hold a party/function/event. The cancellation will also apply to the contravention of COVID regulations, as set out by government guidelines.

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